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Dilemma at the Grocery Store! $6.87 for 2 Grapefruit? The Price of Organics

 $3.43 seemed like a lot of money for 1 grapefruit. Sure they’re organic, from California, seasonal and apparently have a lovely magenta hue, but still $3.43 for 1 grapefruit seemed to stick in my craw.  The non-organic ones were .99 … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving with Added Sugar

 Walking into Whole Foods on the Bowery the other day it was hard not to notice how the store had been decked out for the holiday season.  Chestnuts, Cranberries, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes and Yams were on hand in abundance. … Continue reading

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What Do Labels Tell Us

For those of you who do not live near a Whole Foods, let me just explain how they sell meat – they have a labeling systems  from 1-5 on all meat – 1 is the worst and as best as … Continue reading

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Valentines at Whole Foods

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Family Farm: Out of Necessity

This latest installment from the Perennial Plate folks kind of makes me jealous. A dad with 4 kids lost a “big chunk of income” and decides the one thing he can do is raise more of his own food.   … Continue reading

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Shopping at Whole Foods After Sandy

After I cleaned up my fridge and threw pretty much everything away (pickles, condiments and root vegetables got to stay) I walked over to the Whole Foods on the Bowery to do a big shop.  So this was on Saturday … Continue reading

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Fancy Foods at Whole Foods

Sometimes it feels like I live at Whole Foods. Well maybe not exactly live, but spend a lot of time there.  The Whole Foods at Bowery and Houston is the closest good grocery store to where I live and is … Continue reading

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