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Clementine Aperol Spritz Jello “shots”

Being on the Munchies mail list I get videos from them all the time.  To be honest when I saw that this was a video about jello shots I kind of rolled my eyes and didn’t watch it.  Then late … Continue reading

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The Ben and Jerry’s of Cannabis Ice Cream

This kind of blows my mind.  A pot smoking Vice Host whose expertise is pot and pot related things goes to Isaac’s Cannabis Creamery and spend the day making three different kinds of pot ice cream (ok one is actually a sorbet) and … Continue reading

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Could Invasive Fish Save Our Oceans?

Back to back this week I watched two videos that both dealt with fish, fishing and the critical state of our oceans. In episode 6 of the Victory Garden Edible feast series, Daniel Klein and his crew go to Palm Beach Florida … Continue reading

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Mukbang: The South Korean Craze of Watching People Eat

My friend Keith in Berlin tipped me off to this episode of Munchies about the South Korean craze called Mukbang.  Basically, people log on to their phones, tablets or computers to watch BJ’s (yes that’s what they are called), a … Continue reading

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What Makes The Basque Chef’s the Best in Spain?

Even in Barcelona, where there is a strong culinary tradition there are a lot of Basque restaurants and a lot of Basque chefs. Which begs the question: What’s going on in the newly autonomous Basque region that creates such wonderful … Continue reading

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Eating Local in Newfoundland with Munchies

I’ve wanted to go to Newfoundland for years now and this video seals the deal. Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a kind of person that Munchies like to get to do their hosting?  Obviously they know their … Continue reading

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A Gourmet Weed Dinner at Hunter S Thompson’s Ranch

This seemed like the perfect follow up post to the peanut butter ice cream with salted peanut brownies.  For those of you who make infusions to cook with pot I thought the sunflower seed oil advice was fascinating.

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