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The Sukhothai Hotel: An Oasis in Bangkok with Breakfast

About 15 or so years ago when I first went to Bangkok I stayed at the Y right next store to the Sukhothai.   The Y was fine, it was more like a hotel then a Y and was very … Continue reading

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Eating on the Streets

From early in the day to late into the night hard working Thai’s set up shop on the streets often creating mini sidewalk restaurants. The average Thai worker will either stop by and pick something up to take home or … Continue reading

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Made in Candy: Candy Making as Mall Entertainment

Mall culture in Bangkok is like no other.  Like Canada they have a climate that most of the year is unbearable and everyone wants to escape.  The solution to this: highly air conditioned malls filled with shops of every kind (mostly … Continue reading

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On the Streets of Bangkok

The streets of Bangkok are a riotous bounty of vendors selling everything from food to flowers and well, really anything you can possibly think of is for sale on the streets of Krungthep. I love it and never feel more … Continue reading

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The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of The Pok Pok Thai Empire

When I first started to watch this I was expecting a 12 minutes video of the rise to fame of Andy Ricker, instead what I got was a fascinating hour long documentary about this man, his obsession with Thai food/Thai … Continue reading

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Hitler Fried Chicken

  Leave it to the Thai’s to be so creative as to open up a fried chicken shop called: Hitler. Apparently something called “Nazi Chic” has taken Thailand by storm….or something like that. Made me laugh and in the article … Continue reading

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