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The European Food Pyramid

Neil helped me out with this food Pyramid which I thought was important to show you how our diet here in North America is different from that of our relatives across the pond.  Apparently we are eating all wrong…and after … Continue reading

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At A Bakery on Clinton Street

I wanted to title this:  Look I shaved my underarms! Neil wanted to title it: David Merrick plans his all black cast production of Samuel Becketts Happy Days. Share your title in the comments    

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Farmers Singing

Silly video: three farmers doing a cover of I’m Sexy and I know It with new words about farming!

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The Kitchen of the Future

Scary stuff: in the future food will just appear, after you and the computer have selected what you want. The microwave oven will heat or cook what computer has sent it in “seconds” – this clip was made in 1967:

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Billboard of the day

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Cup Cake ATM?

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills now has an automated cup cake dispenser.   I’m curious to know how much they are as they don’t say in the video ($3.50 is the price on line I wonder if it’s more for the … Continue reading

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Bacon Lollipop

My friends own a store in the East Village called Exit 9,  when I was in the other day I saw near the cash register Bacon Lollipops.  Apparently they don’t taste much like bacon and are sold as a novelty.  … Continue reading

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