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Lucky Dog Farm Store

Lucky Dog Farm Store is a wonderful throw back to the days of yore when the general store was the place you went to get, well, everything!  

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Ippudo – The Best Soup in Town?

You’d think so from the lines. I saw this walking to yoga the other day around 5:30 I’d guess? When Ippudoopened several years go I stopped in on several occasions and really enjoyed what I had there.  Mostly soup, once … Continue reading

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Designing a Restaurant in Reverse

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Greenhouse by Joost from Will Watt on Vimeo. Smart Planet.com has a great article on a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia that has purpose made urinals that collected pee to be used as fertilizer for … Continue reading

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The other day I was on my way to the Sammlung Hoffman Art Gallery – when I happened upon the very charming Oliv cafe, so charming I had to go in!  This place is beautiful, with a wonderful vibe and a nice selection of … Continue reading

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Black Hoof: A little Bit of Brooklyn in Toronto

House made Charcuterie and an order of house made pickles.  I love this place.  The Black Hoof is a small store front restaurant in Toronto’s uber hip west side.  It’s the kind of casual, locavore, food centered place with a … Continue reading

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Chez Panisse For Lunch

Well what an interesting lunch it was.  From the start I have to admit my bias:  I have been greatly influenced by Alice Waters.  I use her cookbooks regularly and admire what she has done and what she stands for … Continue reading

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