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Crunchy Buttermilk Fried Ramps

Folks in the Northeast get very excited when the first edibles start to sprout.  Ramps beat out Asparagus by a good couple of weeks, so the near hysteria about them can sometimes seem little over-the-top.  Wild leeks that grow in … Continue reading

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Ramps and StingingNettles at the Market Means: Spring is Officially Here.

 I got 3 bunches for 10 at a different farm stand 😉  Friday night we are having a dinner party the theme of which is Hot and Cheesy.  As a starter I’m making potato and mozzarella croquets and pickled ramps. … Continue reading

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Foraging for Ramps in the Catskills

My friend Ansell, whose house I stayed at this weekend in the Catskills, asked us (Erin the other guest and I) if we wanted to go foraging for Ramps at this place he knew.  He wasn’t sure if there would … Continue reading

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Spring Quiche! With Ramps, Asparagus and Mushrooms

The great thing about this Quiche, other than its great taste, is its shape.  Making it in a 9″ springform pan gives it an appeal you don’t get when you use a regular old pie pan. This is an adaptation of … Continue reading

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Pickled Ramps and Other Ramp Stories

It has become a tradition that every year the first thing I pickle and or can just so happens to also be the first thing that comes out of the ground: Ramps.  This jar above I served as part of an elaborate … Continue reading

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Ramps Announce Spring at the Market

This was my first sighting of Ramps at the Union Square market, the first green of the year, Fiddleheads are next!  In addition to the start of the growing seasons Ramps also are the start of the pickling and canning … Continue reading

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Pickled Ramps

Lately I’ve been sort of out of it and distracted by the realities of life and have not been to a Saturday Union Square Green Market in far too long. This Saturday I managed to get up my courage and … Continue reading

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