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Kara E. Walker’s: A Subtlety

Nothing can really prepare you for the experience you have walking in the molasses soaked air of the soon to be demolished Domino sugar factory where Kara E. Walker has installed her monumental, Marvelous Sugar Baby, part Sphinx, part Aunt Jemima … Continue reading

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Urban Foraging, Sour Cherries and Fire Hydrant Corn Fields in NYC

Most people don’t think of agriculture when they think of New York City. Yet it is astounding how much food is grown in this city, a lot of it that most people aren’t even aware of.  Mulberry and Ginkgo trees are … Continue reading

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Roast Duck, Rice, Cabbage = $5.25

The idea was to get a quick bite before going to a Pride party at BGSQD.  I saw a sign for a bakery and even though it goes against every word I have ever said on this blog I have … Continue reading

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Carol’s Bun is in the Oven

 As part of my cutting edge coverage of restaurants with names that make me smile in Chinatown I bring you: Carol’s Bun.  Not sure why I find this so amusing other than the obvious bun-in-the-oven image it conjures up.  Carol’s … Continue reading

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Russ and Daughter’s Cafe is Open!

Back in March I wrote about the opening of the very first Russ and Daughter’s cafe. Today I walked by it and was extremely excited to see that it is open!  Russ and Daughters is a New York/Lower East Side institution, … Continue reading

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Cupcake ATM Now in Manhattan

For those late night cupcake cravings now the national chain Sprinkles has opened up a cupcake ATM on Lexington Avenue on the Upper Eastside. This photo is from cntraveler where you can read more about this crazy trend that is sweeping … Continue reading

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A 100 Years is a Long Time to Wait in Line

Russ and Daughters has the best selection of smoked fish, caviar, pickled herring , cream cheese, bagels and specialty foods in NYC and they have been selling these delicious goodies from the same store for 100 years.  Just another reason … Continue reading

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