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Tamarindo Mescalitas: Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

If ever there was a holiday made for drinking it is Cinqo de Mayo.  I am drinking the above drink now so I need to type quickly before I can’t 😉 It’s a frozen Tamarindo Mescalitas which is just a Margarita … Continue reading

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San Miguel de Allende: An Overview

San Miguel de Allende is a quaint, small city, a Unesco world heritage site which is scenically nestled into the Sierra Madre mountains about a 3 hour drive from Mexico City.  Unesco gave San Miguel its world heritage statues in … Continue reading

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Feliz Navidad from San Miguel de Allende

No where in San Miguel is the festive season more evident than at the market. Neil and I are about to go for a walk about and take in the street scene and try and find a restaurant that is … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Tamales

For years I have wanted to make Tamales, but never have because, well, I also have some reservations about cooking with lard and I also living with a jewish man who keeps Kosher so….the lard thing is really not an … Continue reading

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Messianic about Corn in Mexico

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An Act of Resisitance: Mexican Chocolate

Beautiful and rather intense new video from Perennial Plate about growing Cacao and making Chocolate in Mexico.  I want to know who the guy is in the video and what the name of his chocolate company is?  Anyone help me out … Continue reading

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Organic Oregano to the Rescue!

Loved this.   Curious what you think the meat was they were eating Lamb, Goat?  Also I have to wonder what they used before there was plastic?  Great video, inspiring and touching,  I hope they succeed.

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