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A Mexican Feast at a Cottage in Berlin

Wednesday night I flew to Berlin to begin a 2 week European jaunt.  My favorite thing about Berlin is getting to hang out with my friends. In addition to Keith, Harald and Malka who live in Berlin my friend Jim (a former … Continue reading

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This Weeks Menus

This has been an insane week for dinner parties.  Ever since I stopped doing theater cooking and food in general has become my art form of choice.  It’s accessible, always presents new challenges, is mostly rewarding, easy to find an … Continue reading

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Everywhere you go Mexico

It seems to me that maybe I have been making too much of my recent trip to Mexico and that y’all might be getting a little tired on yet another post about Mexico!  But hey that’s why we travel, right? … Continue reading

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Eating Grasshoppers

Chapulines (Grasshoppers) are a common food stuff in Oaxaca usually served as a condiment in tortillas and tacos.  They come in various sizes and depending on where you eat the they are served in what you ordered or left in a … Continue reading

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Back in the Pines

With all the headless deer.  I wanted to take this picture of Bambi and Mom but they got suddenly shy…still the doe is so beautiful. Last night I made a delicious (if I do say so myself) Mexican Pulled Chicken … Continue reading

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Pinto Beans Olla!

It’s funny how a simple clay pot can change your life.  After finally finishing seasoning it I could not wait to take it for a spin and makes some beans!  It’s so easy and they really are the best beans … Continue reading

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