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This Week’s Menus, The Tony’s, Even More Jesus Stout and Gay Pride

This last couple of months my blogging has really slowed down.  I’ve tried to figure out how to move forward, I don’t really want to stop, but at the same time I don’t seem to be able to post daily … Continue reading

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How Crazy Am I?

 Above is the menu of Thanksgiving, it was a “simple” meal, a kind of deconstruction of the traditional roast turkey spread.  the first two desserts were from David Lebovitz and I highly recommend you check out his site and make … Continue reading

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Dinner Parties and Sour Cherry Almond Tart

Last night I made a dinner as a belated birthday party for our friend Chris Bram. In typical fashion I made too much. The theme for the menu was small plates, I was feeling energetic and wanted to make a … Continue reading

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What Are You Making For Thanksgiving?

I’m exhausted and just a little insane.  Maybe it’s compensatory overkill because I’m not making a Turkey with trimmings that I ended up making 4 deserts (5 if you include the quince that go with the ginger cake and could … Continue reading

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Surviving July 4th, or at least trying to….

A week ago I was determined to have a very low-key 4th of July. No big parties not endless days of preparing and cooking. Here was the plan: Our friend Philip was going to be visiting for the weekend, so I … Continue reading

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This Weeks Menus

This has been an insane week for dinner parties.  Ever since I stopped doing theater cooking and food in general has become my art form of choice.  It’s accessible, always presents new challenges, is mostly rewarding, easy to find an … Continue reading

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