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Happy Earth Day/Passover

The above video is about the signing of the Paris Agreement, a historic global agreement to reduce carbon emissions and start to really deal with climate change.  It nice to see all these otherwise serious politicians and policy people being … Continue reading

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Snow Storm Menus and Sour Dough Bread

 Friday night of the big snowstorm our friends Jim and Michael were in town from London and staying with us.  What had started as a 1 night stay became a 2 night stay as all flights in and out of … Continue reading

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Matzo Lasagna and My Passover Seder Menu

Ideally this would’ve been posted before Passover.  Apparently I don’t live in an ideal world, cooking seder for 10 people in the same week I am trying to prepare to go away for 12 days was more than I bargained … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Long Weekend

Sometimes I think I must be crazy.  The Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream (made with salted peanuts in the brownie) was really good.  

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Pickled Quail Eggs and Last Nights Dinner

Last  night we had friends over we rarely see and I wanted to  make it a special night. With the help of my friend Michael I spent the better part of two days cooking. Quail eggs are so perfectly small and … Continue reading

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Neil’s Birthday Menu, Nostalgic Food and the Influence of Ilse

May is a big month at our house.  May 23rd is our Anniversary, this year we celebrated 27 years together.  The 29th is my hubby Neil’s birthday, this year he is away for it in Brisbane Australia. He left on … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving with Chopsticks

So somehow I am cooking for 16 people tomorrow.  The above menu is my version of easy  – or at least easy for Thanksgiving for 16 people.   I bought enough big Chinese soup bowls and already had enough chopsticks … Continue reading

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