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Urban Foraging: Eating and Growing Weeds in Berkeley

http://graphics8.nytimes.com/bcvideo/1.0/iframe/embed.html?videoId=100000003778858&playerType=embed First off can I just say: I love The Bay Area.  This video is split into two sections, the first part is a tour of urban Berkeley that Mark Bittman takes with 2 U C Berkeley professors: Phil Stark … Continue reading

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The Best Beer Braised Spicy Chicken Recipe

A couple of years back my friend Kyle told me about a hole in the wall restaurant in my neighborhood that I had to try, called Spicy Village.  I’ve written about it here and about their signature dish Big Tray … Continue reading

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Hand Pulled Noodles and the First Dinner of the New Year

Eager to try some of the new recipes from all those cookbooks I had purchased I was looking forward to cooking for the first in 2014.  Well, cooking for people not just roasting a chicken.  My dear friend Marc, who … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Urbanfoodguy

I told Neil this morning that it was the birthday of urbanfoodguy, which started out as a blogspot blog and now, this year, has become a full fledge dot com.  I asked him how many years it has been since … Continue reading

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“You can best serve civilization by being against what usually passes for it.” ― Wendell Berry

If you haven’t already it, then you must read Mark Bittman’s interview with Wendell Berry in the New York Times today. Below is the very end of the article, a delayed response to Bittman’s question: What can city people do? … Continue reading

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