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How to Feed the World and End Poverty at the Same Time

This video makes it very clear we already grow enough food to feed the world, we’re just really bad distribution, access and paying farmers properly for their products.  It certainly shows how self serving and disingenuous the lies spread by big Agricultural … Continue reading

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Should You Care How Much Water Goes Into Making Your Food?

Water is our most precious natural resource. Without it we can’t live.  From doing the dishes to hydrofracking we humans have found all sorts of ways to use precious H2O. This short video from Grist.org breaks down how much water is … Continue reading

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Degrowth Here’s How

Kind of wonky and charming video from the folks at Grist explaining why our economic model of growth isn’t a sustainable one. Watch it you’ll like it 😉  

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Happy Friday…Another Movie About How The Way We Eat is F$@ked

Originally posted on Grist:
“The food system that has come about exists only to feed us humans,” Upworthy writes. We weren’t aware we were eating humans, but the site makes a good point nonetheless with a chilling snippet from the…

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Tomato Soup sans the Chicken Stock

The other day I was wanting to make an impromptu dinner for friend who was coming over.  Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches sprung to mind, probably in part because I had an abundance of tomatoes that needed to be used … Continue reading

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Support Our Farmers!

Originally posted on Grist:
She’s not getting rich. It’s National Agriculture Day! What an appropriate day to celebrate the awesome work of our nation’s farmers! The awesome work they are so crappily compensated for, that is. They may seem to…

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Weed Dating

Saw this super cute video about farmers looking for partners, lovers, friends, spouses and thought it was really sweet.  In the city we have speed dating in the country they have weed dating – where, as you will see – … Continue reading

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