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Politicians Discussing Global Warming

Issac Cordal’s sculpture: Politician’s Discussing Global Warming was too good not to share.  I was not familiar with Mr Cordal’s work until I saw this posted on Facebook, his work is definitely worth checking out.

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Building a Cold Frame

It’s been a while since I posted a Kevin Kossowan video, I’ve missed him !  So I went over to his site to see if I had missed anything and sure enough here was this great video of him building … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben on Bill Maher Talking About Global Warming

http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ce7_1349566635 Brilliant – it really shows you how the Right is clueless – basically because big oil and coal et al pay their salaries so they are forced to say the most ludicrous things that when confront with rational, reasonable, … Continue reading

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The End of the Burger?

Originally posted on Grist:
It takes about 1,800 gallons of water to make a pound of grain-fed beef. That’s the decent stuff, the beef that isn’t fed with detritus like pieces of other cows. Other meat products require less water…

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Originally posted on Grist:
West Nile virus is already in the U.S., and more once-subtropical diseases could be on their way. From the known and treatable (Lyme Disease) to the unpronounceable and potentially deadly (Cryptococcus gattii), climate change is giving…

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Welcome to the Anthropocene

http://vimeo.com/39048998 Continue reading

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Crocus in Bloom: February 20th

Neil and I went to  our community garden today and were amazed by how many flowers were in blown.  These Crocus where the prettiest, but there were many more not to mention all the Kale and Sage that never died … Continue reading

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