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Concord Grape Pie in 13 Pictures

Make the dough, it’s enough for one pie with a bit left over for some small turn overs. Every year since 2008 I have made a Concord Grape post.  My favorite thing to do with Concord Grapes (other than eat … Continue reading

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Concord Grape Jam, Plum Chutney the Weck Way

Last week I mentioned I was going to try my hand at canning with Weck Jars – which are from Germany.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and unlike Ball canning jars, have a glass lid and a rubber … Continue reading

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The First Concord Grape Pie of the Season

and it turned out so well. Concord Grape pie is one of those things that you can only make for a month or so a year so time to pig out while you can!  Here is the original post with … Continue reading

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Concord Grape Ketchup and Individual Turkey Meat Loaf

On Wednesday I was volunteering at my CSA with this nice cancer researcher named Eric, he’s not only smart, but a good cook and a wine maker! Of course I’m thinking, I can barely find time to do the dishes … Continue reading

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Concord Grape Pie

Concord grapes are one of my all time favorite things and bring back very fond memories of going to the farmers Market in Hamilton, Ontario with my grandmother.  She would buy me a bag of grapes, which came in a … Continue reading

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