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Where Have All the Bees Gone?

Last week when I was at the Saturday Union Square Market I stopped by Twin Spruce Apiaries not because I needed honey or candles just mostly to look, it was one of those lazy Summer like late Fall afternoons and … Continue reading

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Lucky Dog Farm Store

Lucky Dog Farm Store is a wonderful throw back to the days of yore when the general store was the place you went to get, well, everything!  

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Foraging for Ramps in the Catskills

My friend Ansell, whose house I stayed at this weekend in the Catskills, asked us (Erin the other guest and I) if we wanted to go foraging for Ramps at this place he knew.  He wasn’t sure if there would … Continue reading

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Internet Black Out

Ok so you’d think I was going to Burma, but no I’m just going two hours outside of the city to the deep, dark jungles of a place called: The Catskills.  Where I will be staying has no internet or … Continue reading

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