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Montreal, Markets and Joe Beef

Sure Toronto and Vancouver both have vital and diverse food scenes, but nothing beats Montreal for sheer exclusiveness and joie de vivre!

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This is a Real Thing

This past week I was in Vancouver visiting friends and enjoying all the beautiful scenery this gem of a city has to offer. One sunny afternoon I was on Davie street and noticed a nice looking terrace and thought to … Continue reading

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A (mostly) Nostalgic (mostly) Food Tour of Toronto

I was just visiting Toronto for my mother’s 81st birthday.  I’ve written extensively about food in Toronto, here, here and here. My mother lives in Hamilton which is an hour drive away from Toronto and is where I grew up.   The … Continue reading

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VGEF Visits Vancouver

One of my favorite places on the planet.

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Oyama Sausage Company

It’s been a while since I have posted a Kevin Kossowan video – so I was very happy to see today that not only did he have a video up, but that it seemed to me to be very apt … Continue reading

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Only in Canada, eh? The Cesar

It’s so nice to be home.   After a month of travel it is so nice to be settled again.  Of course in 2 weeks time I will be all ready to get back on a plane, but for now I’m … Continue reading

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St Lawrence Market: Toronto

Made with lots of brown sugar and currants. This was the longest pasta I’ve ever seen! I asked the guy at Rubes, this great bulk place if any of his flours were local.  He seemed really over the question, but … Continue reading

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