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Ruin Bars in Budapest

Most people who hear about Szimpla, the first and most well-known ruin bar in Budapest, know of it as a place to drink, see music or films, hang out and party.  I found out about it because I was looking … Continue reading

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The Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Some of you may remember that I did not have the easiest trip from Vienna to Budapest. I did finally arrive at the Keleti station in Pest where then I had to navigate getting a taxi. I was not up to trying … Continue reading

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Budapest Market, So Much More Than Just a Lot of Paprika

The large enclosed central market in Budapest is an awe-inspiring structure built-in a time when markets played a central role in day-to-day life.  Today the mezzanine of the market is filled with basic clothing, souvenirs and a few house ware items. … Continue reading

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Michelin Star Lunch at Onyx

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest is the only fancy restaurant I ate at this trip. You may remember I posted this video from their site before I left.  One of the first and few Michelin starred restaurants in Budapest it offers … Continue reading

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Kiado Kocsma to the Rescue in Budapest

Coming to Budapest gave me some anxiety. It was mostly free floating and mostly was just a vague worry of what could go wrong in a struggling former eastern block country trying to be a successful independent democracy so everyone is gonna … Continue reading

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Budapest, Berlin and Vienna

It seems to have become a tradition like going to your beach house every summer (for those lucky enough to have a beach house) that I go to Berlin every year.  Besides loving Berlin, it’s vibrancy, bars, markets and culture … Continue reading

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