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Never a Dull Moment on the Lower East Side

This viscous guard Chihuahua all dressed up for 9/11 did its best shark-from-Jaws impression for me when I peaked in the door of an Orchard Street Art Gallery.  Scary!

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Mast Brother’s New Store

Over a month ago I was in Williamsburg walking down North 3rd street and stumbled upon the huge new Mast Brothers chocolate store.   Somehow I must have missed the press release.  When I went in a chatted with the … Continue reading

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Tree Free Coffee Filters

When I first saw these coffee filters at Blue Bottle Coffee I thought: Wow! Cool hemp coffee filters!  Then I looked a little closer and they are actually “Kenaf” fiber….mmmmm what the hell is Kenaf?  Well it’s something called: Hibiscus Cannabinus which has … Continue reading

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