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Concord Grape Pie in 13 Pictures

Make the dough, it’s enough for one pie with a bit left over for some small turn overs. Every year since 2008 I have made a Concord Grape post.  My favorite thing to do with Concord Grapes (other than eat … Continue reading

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Easy Brioche

 My friend Jane wanted to celebrate New Year (belatedly) with our friend Michael, she had a big tin of caviar and a bottle of champagne, all I needed to do was provide something to put the caviar on.  Traditionally my favorite … Continue reading

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Dinner Parties and Sour Cherry Almond Tart

Last night I made a dinner as a belated birthday party for our friend Chris Bram. In typical fashion I made too much. The theme for the menu was small plates, I was feeling energetic and wanted to make a … Continue reading

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Simple, Old Fashioned & Sinful

In my constant attempt at finding new recipes I often forget about the old tried and true ones that I grew up with.  My grandmother loved to make bars and squares, which basically are the same thing just in different … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Sweets

The other day I noticed the Valentine’s Chocolate Heart display at Whole Foods and pondered it for a moment.  Do people really buy this stuff?  Duh, of course they do that’s what there is so much of it everywhere.  Then I … Continue reading

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Chewy Triple Ginger Cookies with Thoughts on Shortening

My friend Michael has mentioned to me a couple of times a triple ginger cookie recipe that he was going to make.  If I had to name one flavor to top my list of favorites I think Ginger would win.  So … Continue reading

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Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Upsidedown cakes are one of my favorite things to bake. With an endless choice of fruits, nuts and a delicate light golden cake to top them off it really is impossible to go wrong. You can even change the cake … Continue reading

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