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Game Changer: Food Deserts Explained

I believe this is the first time the Perennial Plate folks have done animation and to great effect too I think!

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Food Video # 4 of the Real Food Media Contest

FOOD | 2015 Real Food Media Contest Finalist from Real Food Media Project on Vimeo. This is a fun animated food video which shows food talking about food thoughts and preferences 😉   6 more to go.  To vote or … Continue reading

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If Animals Ate at McDonalds

The timing of this animation couldn’t be any better given the recent article in the New York Times The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. Basically the article is about how big food (Kraft, Coke, General Foods) have been manipulating … Continue reading

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A Zippy Cartoon About How We Have F@$*ed the Planet

This Steve Cutt’s cartoon is very well done, at some point in watching it I felt it was a little predictable, even though I was enjoying it (maybe enjoying isn’t the right word) it’s just so bleak, yet true…then, at … Continue reading

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