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Happy Earth Day/Passover

The above video is about the signing of the Paris Agreement, a historic global agreement to reduce carbon emissions and start to really deal with climate change.  It nice to see all these otherwise serious politicians and policy people being … Continue reading

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Election Year Thoughts

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This 4 part series based on, and narrated by Michael Pollan is a must watch for any one who cooks.  I found it, oddly, reassuring as well as informative and entertaining.   It looks at cooking, how it evolved how … Continue reading

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Sausage Party – The Movie

Hysterical trailer for a new animated movie about….the moment food realizes its going to be cooked and eaten?  Or something like that — just watch it, you’ll be glad you did.    

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The Art of Plastic Food

Plastic sushi, soba, udon and pork cutlets outside of Japanese restaurants is ubiquitous. So much so I don’t even notice it anymore. I was once told that it came about after world war two when Japan was occupied by allied forces, who didn’t … Continue reading

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A Surprise Visit From The First Lady

I have the greatest admiration and love for first lady Michelle Obama.  In this video she surprises several local gardeners as part of her work with Let’s Move. This is a must watch, delightful, inspiring and just plain adorable.  I … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Baking with Ella Bella

For folks with celiac disease being gluten-free is essential, eating gluten can make them very sick.  This is a different thing than the wave of gluten-free eating that has become a huge trend in the last couple of years.

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