The Donut Burger

thumb_600The other day I was walking down the Bowery on my way to get some groceries and saw this sign:IMG_0129Let me just break that down for you, chocolate, donut, hamburger.  I stopped and pondered this.

The first time I’d ever heard about a donut burger was when I worked on the Paula Deen show at the Food Network.  At that time (maybe 8 or 9 years ago) I had no idea who she was.  What I quickly learned, while assembling a many layered cake, that I was trying to cover in crushed Skittles (have you ever tried to crush Skittles?) was that she was the southern queen of excess.

Here is a clip of Ms Deen making a donut hamburger.

PYT, the place I passed that was advertising the chocolate donut burger is the self-proclaimed: Home of America’s Craaaziest Burgers.  And if the clip below is any indication the PB & J burger and the fried Twinkie burger really make the chocolate donut burger look rather classic and stayed.  They don’t mention the burger in this clip, but the last imagine they show you is a chocolate donut burger.  The donut isn’t actually chocolate, it’s a glazed donut with chocolate covered bacon, bien sur.

I was overwhelmed when looking for a picture of said burger by how many pictures, videos, articles and press is out there about, what should I call them? Non-traditional burgers?  Certainly the donut burger has been a big hit, as it seems nearly every media outlet has done a story about it.

Sweet and savory is a wonderful combo, it’s why salted caramel and salted chocolate desserts are so ubiquitous.  The burger donut thing sort of leaves me scratching my head.  I like a burger every now and again.  The ones I make at home are lamb not beef.  If I go out to say Diner where they serve what I think is one of the best burgers in town, I love to indulge in a burger covered in melted cheese, (Gruyère or sharp cheddar), some maple cured bacon, pickles, good homemade ketchup, mustard, some lettuce all piled atop a nice brioche bun.  Not a donut.  And certainly not wedged between two fried Twinkies.  I mean that’s just disgusting.  After watching the video I needed Pepto Bismal I can’t imagine what I’d feel like after a Twinkie Burger.

Am I being a prude?  Am I missing out on a wonderful taste sensation?

If you have had a donut burger please let me know in the comment section and share your thoughts.



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4 Responses to The Donut Burger

  1. I have never combined a donut with a burger. I …just couldn’t.

  2. reelcharlie says:

    I’m a purist. I like a good burger occasionally. And I do like a good donut, But not together.

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