A Really Upsetting Video You Have To Watch (and yes it may change the way you eat)

Some of this is old news: factory farming is horrible, antibiotic resistance in humans is in large part due to the amount of antibiotics we give our animals because they are mostly brought up in such horrendous conditions and are in constant need of medication.  Oh and this is usually done without veterinarian supervision and these drugs are all easily accessible online. Enter LA-MRSA which has crossed over to humans from pigs.

The Guardian has done a great job at investigating how LA-MRSA is infecting humans in Britain and Denmark, how it’s being transmitted and how it’s not responding to antibiotics.

As a cook the most upsetting thing to me is that it can be gotten simply from cutting up raw pork before you cook it.

I don’t ever cook pork because I live with a nice jewish Doctor and we keep kosher, but I’m happy to eat Peameal Bacon when I visit Canada or load up on bacon from the hotel breakfast buffet when on vacation.  Sure I know it’s not well sourced meat, but I figure: Oh well it’s so rare I do this.  

I think I have to reconsider my laissez-faire attitude in light of this information.

At home I’m very concerned about the sourcing of my meat, if it isn’t from a farm I’m not buying it.  When you travel or you are out sometimes this is just not possible.  Usually I close my eyes and don’t think about it.  I think this video has made me turn a corner and realize that any support of factory farmed meat is something I don’t want to be a part of.

Of course then there are issues like what do you do if you are in Thailand or some other country where you really have no idea how the meat is raised?  Become a pescaterian when on holiday?

Curious to hear your thoughts on this. I know it’s 16 minutes and there are lots of predictable shots of pigs in squalor in factory farms suffering mightily, that most of us have seen many times before. The added, urgent new information about how this continued abuse of  animals in the name of cheap meat is now starting to pose a very real risk to human health makes it a must watch, in my opinion.

Happy Friday! 😉


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