Could Invasive Fish Save Our Oceans?

Back to back this week I watched two videos that both dealt with fish, fishing and the critical state of our oceans.

In episode 6 of the Victory Garden Edible feast series, Daniel Klein and his crew go to Palm Beach Florida and go fishing with 2 clever and industrious young fishermen to catch Lion Fish.  Not native to these waters, they’re poisonous, have no natural predator, are very adaptable to any environment and are threatening the local fish population.  Luckily Lion Fish are delicious.

Vice’s HBO new program is a much watch, every week they do two 15 segments on current issues that are not given their due by the mainstream media. This week they did a frightening expose on the state of how our oceans are being overfished. By some predictions the oceans will be completely depleted of fish by the middle of this century.

What is most interesting to me about this episode is the impact it makes on local communities and the sheer volume of fish that large international trawlers catch each day. Particularly upsetting is the shark fin trade.

Here is a short clip, the entire episode is not on YouTube yet, if you have access to HBO it is a much watch.

What I was left with after watching these two pieces back to back was how something potentially devastating, like a foreign species infestation of your waters, can have unexpected positive consequences.

Of course the guys in Florida have scuba gear, a motor boat and a restaurant and seafood market to make money from, the poor fishermen and their families in the Madagascar aren’t so lucky.

While I don’t think the invasive fish can solve the problem of the criminal overfishing going on I do think that it gives us some insight into what a solution might look like.

Oh and be sure to watch VGEF 6 (Victory Garden Edible Feast) to the end for the yummy Lion Fish Escabeche recipe made by the hunky chef.


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