Mukbang: The South Korean Craze of Watching People Eat

My friend Keith in Berlin tipped me off to this episode of Munchies about the South Korean craze called Mukbang.  Basically, people log on to their phones, tablets or computers to watch BJ’s (yes that’s what they are called), a BJ is a person who performs the act of eating (the more I write the worse this is sounding) for people to watch, usually in huge quantities.

Like with any form of celebrity and performance there is intrigue, competition, fans, and money at stake.  There is also potential huge weight gain, as one of the things that seems to be favored isn’t just eating, it’s gorging yourself on massive quantities of food.

I sort of wanted to stick my finger down my throat after this video.

It’s nearly 30 minutes long but once you start to watch trust me you will find it hard to stop.

Once you have finished watching it please, first thing, write your reaction in the comments.

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2 Responses to Mukbang: The South Korean Craze of Watching People Eat

  1. Leslie-Anne says:

    My reaction is Yuck! But I have to admit that I did not watch the video. I know it seems judgy but I have to preserve my brain cells for the things I do like 🙂 , like reading interesting blogs.

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