Help Me Out Here: Blue Cheese Ice Cream, Why?

Full disclosure, I like Blue Cheese, with crackers, bread, maybe some pear compote or mango chutney.

This video about Blue Cheese Ice Cream has been nagging at me ever since I saw it.

Of all the things food related that have graced my inbox over the years this has got to be one of the most peculiar. It took me a few days before I even opened it.  The title alone made me shiver.

Watching the video was disturbing and fascinating all at the same time.  It was like watching a really tense episode of Walking Dead, only instead of wondering which of your favorite characters will get eaten in this weeks Zombie apocalypse, you’re wondering: why is this hipster chick making blue cheese ice cream?  

The worst part for me was at the very end of the video, when hipster chick tastes the ice cream and says: it’s pretty blue cheesy.

I threw up a bit in my mouth.

Please, someone, please tell me: why?   Why would you do this to a perfectly good piece of blue cheese.  Why?  It’s the question that has plagued me since watching it.

First off did you notice the color of it? Kind of blue-green, like the color of Martha Stewart’s vomit?

Second to what end?  Have you ever heard of such a waste of sugar cream and egg yolks?

And then there is the presentation casual like here is a recipe that you will for sure want to make and share with your friends.

Hey Sam, hey Suzy, wanna come over to my place, I’m making blue cheese Ice Cream!


Obviously I’m missing something.  I’m sure deep in the bowels of Bushwick, Sam would answer back:  I might be able to drop by after my lacto-fermantation class, but if it isn’t Stilton Blue Cheese Ice Cream I doubt I’d be interested.

And Suzy would be all : OMG that sounds so awesome, I’m doing a Kale Kefir shake cleanse this week, but for sure I could at least have a taste.  

Seriously, please help me out here.  Can someone please tell me why you would make Blue Cheese Ice Cream, let alone why you would eat it? What am I missing?



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1 Response to Help Me Out Here: Blue Cheese Ice Cream, Why?

  1. Leslie-Anne says:

    Please tell me she’s having us on!

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