Alice Waters vs. the techno-chefs: The evolution of wild gourmet

Really interesting conversation about, well a lot of things, but at its heart: how do we feed everyone in the future? Using Alice Waters to represent romantic back to earth sustainable food that only needs to be simply cooked with Redzepi et al who (as I understand it) use basically the same type of ingredients as Alice or do more high tech things with them. Never really understood how the later was better, nonetheless a provocative conversation worth reading.


When I read Emma Marris’ critical but ultimately hopeful essay about gourmet food (in Breakthrough Journal), my interest was piqued. Marris wrote the book Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World, and has generated challenging and influential ideas about nature. Now she’s applied some of those same ideas to food.

She argues that a new wave of star chefs can serve as a model for relating more harmoniously to our environment. This means the path to sustainability could be marked by delicious dinners.

I was fascinated by this, but I was also confused. I had always thought of Alice Waters as the foremost example of eating our way to sustainability, yet for Marris, Waters is the counterexample: She criticizes Waters for being impractical and rigid.

I asked Marris about this. Our email conversation, which you can read below, turned into one of those collaborative arguments where — instead of trying to win — we ended…

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