Mate Who?

You all know what a fan I am of the Perennial Plate’s videos.  Rarely they hit on a topic that I really don’t care so much about, and this recent one about Mate was one of them. My friend Patrick drinks Mate, he brings his apparatus out at parties (is Mate apparatus!)  he lived in Argentina and he’s an artist and well, you know how they can be 😉   Otherwise it just seemed so esoteric and obscure to me, not to mention the fact that it looks unappealing to drink (does the straw filter out all the Mate detritus?

Then low and behold there I was in the aisles of Whole Foods a few days later and saw this:IMG_2792A big shelf dedicated to Mate!  So I came back and watched the video again (which I should mentioned was made in partnership with Intrepid travel – who have amazing tours to ….everywhere.)

So it got me to thinking that maybe Mate was more of a craze then I understood.  Please chime in and let me know how many of you have tried it or drink it regularly?

Just another reason, in my increasingly long list, why I need to go to Argentina.

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1 Response to Mate Who?

  1. reelcharlie says:

    My niece Nikki’s husband Sergio introduced us to mate the first time we met him shortly after he moved to the States with her from Argentina. I have a very funny picture tucked away somewhere of my Mom sipping mate out of the gourd using the metal straw. It looks like she’s taking a hit off of a bong. And the expression on her face matches. Very funny.

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