Environmental Terrorist: Now at Your Multiplex

The East came out last year and I have to admit I really liked it, it dealt with a commune of folks who were trying to bring light to individuals and corporations who cause damage by polluting and the slippery slope of retribution.  I didn’t think, however, that it would spawned a subgenera of film making: the eco terrorism thriller.

Night Move’s trailer makes it look very suspenseful, even if it proves itself to be pretty science light within the first 2 minutes.   It’s kind of jarring to me to hear the female character say: The oceans may be empty by 2048.  

Whoa what?  Maybe this is an out of context line, but given all the news on increasing sea levels and ocean acidification it seems kind of bogus to me that they had to go and make something up.  But hey, Hollywood, right? Grist also points this glaring error out, which leads me to think they really aren’t marketing this film to people who are interested in anyway about the environment, but rather as a new plot twist for an old genre: suspense movies.

The other thing that worries me is that at a time when the murder of environmental activists is on the rise (because they often get in the way of big corporations making money) I ponder the wisdom of portraying them as uninformed (OMG the Oceans are drying up!!!!) terrorists.

Given my political leanings and concern for our home, this thing we call Earth, I would like to see movies where the environmental activists are the good guys, and in the end, after some tense adventure, win out over evil corporations and slimy politicians.  That seems just as Hollywood a format as any, doesn’t it?  And I believe movies about misguided, misinformed, environmental activists aren’t actually helping the cause any. The cause of saving the planet that is, not the cause of making a tense suspense flick that will make lots of money at the summer box office, that cause seems to be well served.  I just don’t understand why the two causes have to be at odds with each other.

OK now I’m going to write a post about cocktails.








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