Wine in cardboard bottles ain’t classy, but you might want to get used to it

Very cool and a big improvement over the wine box. Let’s make a toast to progress!


You can recycle glass over and over without losing quality. So what’s not to love about glass wine bottles? (Plus, they’re classier than boxed wine, and some of us are still trying to prove to ourselves we’re Grown-Ass Ladies.) Answer: the fuel required to lug said fancy bottles of wine from Napa Valley to your mouth.


That’s the main selling point of Paperboy, wine that comes in a recyclable plastic bladder (is there a grosser phrase?) inside a compostable bottle-shaped cardboard container. It has a SHAPE, see! It’s not exactly boxed wine!

According to Businessweek, the “container is made mostly of industrial paper waste that’s 80 percent lighter than its glass cousin, so it takes less fuel to transport.” (Umbra compares wine container options here and here.)

Oh, the places you'll go.PaperboyOh, the places you’ll go.

It’s hard to argue with 80 percent, but Businessweek doesn’t have to bear…

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