Rise Up Against Monsanto

This reminds me of the action ACT-UP did back in 87 to close down Wall Street for a day to protest the criminal negligence of pharmaceutical companies and their glacial pace in developing AIDS drugs.

Of course the difference here is that family, friends and lovers are not dying in front of you on a daily basis.  Still, I admire Food Democracy Now for taking this on and for trying to take the battle against Monsanto to the next level.

In addition to asking people to divest any investment funds they might have from Monsanto they are also calling for a day of action on May 9 at 3pm in front of every office of Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street to make them aware that we don’t want Monsanto to be part of our 401 k or other investment funds.

Maybe because I came of age in New York City in the mid to late 80’s when AIDS was ravaging the gay community and every week someone else you knew died that I have a strong belief in political action and have seen first had how when people organize they can over come tremendous odds.

My question is:  o we actually care enough about GMO’s, chemical poisoning of our lands, destruction of seed diversity and Monsanto’s evil corporate culture (suing innocent farmers) to actually do something about it?

The reason it worked so well with AIDS is because dying people have nothing to lose and were very angry as were their friends, family and lovers.  All of whom were glad to take to the streets and demand action and bring light to the horrors of the epidemic.

With GMO’s and Monsanto I wonder if it is too abstract to get truly worked up about? Especially if you are not a farmer. Certainly I’ll make sure our Vanguard and Fidelity funds are Monsanto free and am planning on going to the march May 9th.  I sign everything I can to try to get GMO labeling on our food, yet when it doesn’t happen, as it didn’t in California and Washington, I’m disappointed, frustrated, but not exactly burning mad.  Maybe I’m just worn down by corporate power, greed and malfeasance?

They managed to pass GMO labeling in Connecticut and are talking about it in Vermont. There is hope and with actions like this more awareness to why we should all care about what Monsanto is doing to our bodies, our farmers, our planet.

If you are in New York and want to join me on May 9th leave a comment and lets organize something.




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1 Response to Rise Up Against Monsanto

  1. Monsanto is where they got the flying monkeys for the Wizard of Oz.

    I’m originally from Iowa, my family is scorchingly liberal, organic, and animal and human rights oriented and every day, we pray to the tornado gods to target the fucking Monsanto factory. They are so reviled that their name has devolved into a swear-word-like meme.

    “Dammit, the mechanic just charged me eight hundred dollars to fix my Corolla.”

    “Dude, you just got Monsantoed.”

    I hope the Democrats can get it together by 2016. Until then, I’m digging a political fall out shelter, stocking it with almonds and vodka, and rocking myself back and forth until Scalia, Boehner, or McConnell has a stroke, dealer’s choice.

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