Do You Own a 12″ Pie Dish?


A while back I started to make a recipe for chocolate meringue pie, only to discover too late, that it called for a 12″ pie dish.  I did not notice this until I was trying to cram way too much dough into my 9″ pie dish.

When I see the word Pie I think standard 9″ (ish give or take an inch or so) dish. You know the pie dish that everyone’s mother and grandmother uses?  The kind I use because every pie recipe calls for one?  The kind that is commonly sold and easy to find, but most people never have to buy because they have their mom’s or grandmother’s?

Up until this recipe I had never thought pie dishes came in different sizes.

After trying to make the recipe work the first time around with an obviously inferior pie dish, because as we all know size does matter, I am now, weeks later, trying again.

However, I did not buy a new pie dish.

Instead, I’m making it in the 12″ springform pan which I already own (the 12″ pie dish I saw on-line was $50, the other alternative was an Aluminum one that costs 6 bucks, but I’m not a big fan of baking in Aluminum I prefer a thicker dish as it yields a better crust to my experience.  The $50 12″ pie dish is made by Emile Henri who makes excellent bakeware and I highly recommend buying one of their pie dishes as they really do improve the quality of your pie crust.  However, having a 9″ one I didn’t feel like spending $50 for a 12″ one that I would only ever use for this recipe, given that in all my years of cooking this is the first recipe I have ever come across that asks for one.  To be fair I see in this same cookbook another recipe which also calls for a 12″ pie dish, so I guess they are trying to make it worth your while.  Bottom line is that I don’t need a 12″ pie dish and I sure as Hell don’t want to buy one for one recipe.  Especially one, that seems to me, to be very esoteric and would most likely sit in a draw collecting dust.

My point for this rant is to gather information: PLEASE if you have a 12″ pie dish or have ever been anywhere,  a brunch, a pot luck, maybe a DOR meeting where you have seen a 12″ pie, let me know in the comments.

When I have completed making this chocolate meringue pie I will tell you the name of the cookbook and let you know if I think it so amazing that you should buy a special for-it-only pie dish.

Thanks in advance for your feed back.IMG_2441

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