Move Over Mozzarella Melville is Here

IMG_2339It was just going to be a simple midweek pizza party for a friend.  I’d made up my mind that I was just going to make straight up tomato sauce pizzas with Parmesan and Mozzarella, nothing fancy.

As I was stocking up at Saxelby Cheese shop and chatting with Noah, one of my favorite cheesemongers, we got to talking about cheeses that melt well.  We agreed that Pawlet from Consider Bardwell Farm which is a creamy, buttery cheese is one of our favorite melters.  I like to grate Pawlet over my creamed spinach pizza.  Which got me wondering if maybe I wasn’t being too hard line and if maybe I shouldn’t just go get some Spinach.  I got a little Pawlet just as back up even though it went against my commitment to keep it simple.  Noah asked me if I had tried Melville by the Mystic Cheese guys?  It was kinda like Mozzarella only more complex and was a great melter.IMG_2337Then he told me it was being used on Pizza at uber-trendy 2 star Bushwick pioneer Roberta’s.  It would taste great and go with my tomato sauce and pizza mandate. How could I not buy some?  So I did and managed to get home sans spinach to make my variation on red sauce and cheese pizza.

Here is my pizza waiting to be covered in cheese.IMG_2340I make my sauce with lots of Thyme and Rosemary, Parmesan ends and a couple of crushed hot red peppers.

Mystic Cheese has a pretty funny website they put my cheese vocabulary to shame so here’s how the makers of this hot new upstart cheese describe it:

This soft ripened cheese is held in our ripening chamber for a fleeting 7 days, Melville undergoes a tremendous metamorphosis from a cheese with an irregular, curdy body to a luxuriously silky, satiny, pudgy and blubbery texture that will readily succumb to to the slightest pressure of a blade.

Young Melville has a bright acidic and briny edge that quickly reaches a fine equilibrium of mellow tartness, rich lactones and a mild buttery finish. As Melville continues to ripen over the next 14 days, the texture continues to morph into a supple, elastic and wholly pliable state. The once ridged square form of Melville at once becomes a vague structureless, amorphous and singularly fatty globule of pure deliciousness. Now devoid of any potential puckery, a fully mature Melville  provokes your palette with a sweet, warm cultured butter note before quietly gliding back under the dark glassy sea leaving you cursing him and maniacally obsessing for more. 

Oh it’s made from 100 % cows milk.  It melts great, as you can tell from the picture below.IMG_2343And it does taste way better than standard issue Mozzarella, it’s a whole new ball game.

Both the pizzas I made this night had a very generous grating on Parmesan on them. Although not as trendy or cutting edge as Melville I wanted to include this picture of the Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato Sauce pizza I made this night.  It may be a second runner up , but certainly a medal winner in it’s own right.IMG_2341

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