Spicy Mexican Shrimp Recipe – Anyone?

IMG_1834The picture above and the one at the end of the post are beaches near Los Animas about 45 minute by boat and bus from Puerto Vallarta.

I’ve never done this before, but after hours of looking for the perfect Mexican Spiced Shrimp recipe I have come up empty-handed.  Here I am in Puerto Vallarta, fresh amazing seafood is abundant and I am in charge of making dinner for Christmas. To be honest I don’t feel very motivated and the place where I am staying at is very limited in terms of utensils and supplies…so I thought a simple shrimp fry up using garlic, onions, lime juice, hot pepper, maybe some tomatoes and some wonderful dried Mexican chilies like Ancho, Mulato or Pasilla maybe even some Chipolte and serve it over a cheesy corn polenta topped with cilantro and avocado.

I know what your thinking: Mark you just basically gave us the recipe.

Sort of but not really – a lot for the Southern recipes for similar versions of this call for little spice and lots of dairy….I  don’t mind dairy in the polenta, but the shrimp should be mostly spice, aromatics and citrus….the creamy aspect coming from an avocado garnish.

Anyway I am asking you my dear readers for advice….anyone out there have a recipe that sounds like what I am looking for and would like to share it?

To start the meal I was thinking a Tuna ceviche, Guacamole and to go with the shrimp maybe a stir fry of corn, scallions and peppers.  For dessert caramelized Pineapple maybe an upside down cake if I can find a baking dish….

Much more on my Mexican Travels, hopefully later today I will do my final post on Oaxaca then tomorrow we can start on Puerto Vallarta.

Until then Feliz Navidad.  I’m sorry I am not more of a 4 weeks of Christmas Recipes type of guy….but I do already have  pretty good selection of cookie recipes in case you are looking for something new this year.  OK I have to go, the pool beckons 😉


If you ever have the chance I really recommend leaving the north and coming south and totally forgetting about the holidays one year…. it’s good for the soul.IMG_1833

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2 Responses to Spicy Mexican Shrimp Recipe – Anyone?

  1. cbcreates says:

    Sounds like you got the plan. Sounds south asian (btw, there ‘s not supposed to be cream in southern s&g but people do go astray 🙂

    I’d sweeten it up by squeezing in some orange, and maybe some zest. Could put a little chipotle in the polenta. Know you don’t want a creamy sauce but adding to the avocado & cilantro topping a little crmbled aged Oaxacan cheese might be nice, and scallions.

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