Mom packs kids homemade lunch; school fines her and feeds kids Ritz Crackers

Oh Canada….I was appalled by this story, but then when I saw it happened in Manitoba in my home and native land I was really disgusted….Ritz Crackers shouldn’t even be allowed in a school and since when are a few of these death bombs worth 10 bucks? Hell you could by 10 boxes of them at the 99 cent store! Shame on the Manitoba Government.



Dietary news flash: Roast beef, milk, potatoes, carrots, and oranges are INSUFFICIENT for your kids to eat at school. This lunch is lacking the essential preservatives and saturated fat found in Ritz crackers, and thus your children will starve. Thankfully, the Manitoba Government’s Early Learning and Child Care program has your back.

At least it did for Kristen Bartkiw, who packed her two kids this lunch. The program fed her kids Ritz Crackers and slapped her with a $10 fine. Someone call child protective services!

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2 Responses to Mom packs kids homemade lunch; school fines her and feeds kids Ritz Crackers

  1. Sandi says:

    While this story is appalling it does have one (albeit dubious) bright note; clearly the American school system is not the only one that is messed up! It is one thing to “supplement” the diet of a child whose parents think a healthy meal consists of candy, pop and cake (at least that covers “grain” right?) but quite another in this situation.

    Aside from the obvious choice of Ritz crackers as a “grain” choice, what makes any government capable of deciding what your children (or you) should eat? Here in the United States, if they stuck to their own guidelines that might be one thing but schools are notorious for doing the opposite. This case shows parents who do one of the best examples I’ve heard of for a school lunch in a long time; many parents seem content to allow the school cafeteria to determine what their child should eat. As for school lunches, most of the school lunches I’ve heard about contain carbohydrate and fat drenched everything and the fruit and vegetables that are available are either canned or overcooked and unappetizing. In other words, they provide disincentives to children for making “healthy” food choices. And let’s not forget the “chocolate” usually is still considered milk and no one receives demerits for the extra added sugar.

    What about food allergies? Dairy and grain allergies are rampant as are some vegetable allergies (especially within the nightshade family); what gives anyone the right to prescribe something that could hurt your child? And the prescription for meat also overlooks the fact that many people have chosen one form of vegetarianism or another. Considering the fact that, at least in many American public school systems now, profit from junk food sales allows major brands to prominently display and sell all forms of sugar, harmful artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats and caffeinated products within the hallways. Why do they do this? Because just as with teenage smoking, studies show that getting a child to commit to using your products at an early age tends to make them customers for life. The school system should not be allowed to create consumers for life.

    How can a system that allows this to happen be trusted to decide what you children should eat? Granted I can’t speak for what happens in Canada but at least here in the United States those who have been put in charge of determining “what is best” for children clearly aren’t doing their homework.

    • urbanfoodguy says:

      Great comment – thanks for taking the time to be so thoughtful….you made me interested now in looking up nightshade allergies…as these include some of my favorite foods: potatoes and tomatoes!

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