This hot sauce has double the FDA’s limit for lead

Holy Hot Sauce Batman! I use El Yucateco every time I go for Mexican and I have an unopened bottle in the fridge which will now go directly into the garbage…I feel like writing to the makers of this poison to get my money back! Oh and now that we now this is Hot Sauce with Muy Lead in it why hasn’t the FDA recalled it?


That burning sensation in your mouth? That’s not (just) hot sauce. It’s probably your mouth’s built-in danger sensor because there’s an unwanted special ingredient: lead. That’s right, it’s not just in your paint and lipstick anymore! (Bonus points if you drizzle hot sauce on your wall and lick it off while wearing lipstick. And by “bonus points” I mean “death.”)

Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly writes:

[A] report from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas [shows] that there are high levels of lead in Mexican hot sauces. Researchers bought 25 brands of hot sauces in Latino grocery stores around Las Vegas and put them under the microscope to see how much lead they contained.

The result? The worst offenders have more than double the FDA’s “action level” of lead, 0.1 parts per million. (The “action” is sealing it in an impenetrable container and running away.) Here are several of…

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2 Responses to This hot sauce has double the FDA’s limit for lead

  1. Leslie-Anne says:

    Holy S**T, my husband eats this brand of hot sauce! Thanks for the heads up.

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