The Liberace Cocktail

IMG_2412 In honor of our watching Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra: The Secret Life of Liberace with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon – both of whom are amazing – I figured we needed a cocktail. After typing in: “Liberace Cocktail” to Google I found many posting for the same cocktail.  So I had to make it, right?  Well my hangover today would say NO, but everything is easier in hindsight.

The Liberace Cocktail

In a shoot glass pour 1/3 ounce of Kahlua, now you want this to layer so using the back of a bar spoon (or any spoon really)  slowly pour 1/3 ounce of Whole Milk then follow with   1/3 ounce of 151 Proof rum.  In truth I didn’t really measure I used about the same amount of  Milk and Kahlua and a little less of the very, very, strong Rum. If your layering doesn’t work just let it sit for a few minutes and the layers will become more distinct.  The final flourish is to light the drink on fire – every recipe I said calls for at least 10 seconds of flame.  It really does strike me as a 70’s drink – layer, flambéed and then shot – sweet and creamy yet with a wicked bunch.

IMG_2413And just in case you haven’t seen the trailer, enjoy:

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4 Responses to The Liberace Cocktail

  1. That sort of reminds me of all the B52s I knocked back in high school – often with ugly results. A night of Liberace in the glass and on the tube sounds like a better time, on balance.

    • urbanfoodguy says:

      Anything you shoot that has lots of sugar and booze is always going to end up bad 😉 B52s OMG I remember those! Bailey’s, Kahlua and Grand Marnier layered! Too much fun! Thanks for reminding me – I think I may be entering a layer drink phase…

  2. Leslie-Anne says:

    I loved Liberace when I was growing up. Can’t wait to see this movie. I’ll have to pass on the cocktail, although it does look yummy.

    • urbanfoodguy says:

      I actually went to see Liberace TWICE with my Grandmother who was a huge fan – I loved him but remember as a kid that I was totally embarrassed by how risque his show was. The incredible thing about the movie is all the scene’s of him performing were verbatim from his show I actually remember some of the bits! The drink is just boozy camp, as I see it 😉

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