How You Can Help Save the Planet this Earth Day: Cook at Home

IMG_2132In the April 22nd issue of New York Magazine resident food critic Adam Platt interviews Michael Pollan whose new book Cooked is being released in the coming weeks.  Pollan will be speaking in NYC at Barnes and Nobles tomorrow (April 23rd).

The interview is great, in no small part because Adam Platt is a restaurant critic who eats out all the time and Micheal Pollan lives in quiet Berkeley and has a garden and mostly eats at home food that he has cooked.  The interplay between them is lively with lots of interesting and informative give and take.

Near the end of the interview Platt asks:

Do you think there are too many of them (restaurants) around?  Sometimes it feels like half the city is restaurants

Pollan is insanely level headed to my mind, alway suggesting a plan of attack then being very understanding about how it’s hard in a small NYC kitchen to cook.  Here’s  what he says near the end of his answer:

..But the collapse of home cooking is limiting for the food movement.  As I watched this local agriculture movement get started, I realized that farmers’ – market movement was only going to go so far if people refused to cook.

Cooking: all is for not if we do not support farmers by buying their goods and coming home and making dinner with them.

Obviously in New York City restaurants are buying a significant amount of produce from the farmers’ market – but in order for farmers, and by extension the planet, to thrive and for the system to change from large multinational corporations owning our food system to putting it back in the hands of the people – we need to cook.

This blog is mostly motivated by my desire to get you folks excited about cooking and to prove that if I can do it anyone can and should do it.

The picture above is of our new favorite meal – it’s a Parsnip and Potato Latka with a fried egg, scallions and Lamb Bacon.  Neil keeps kosher so real bacon isn’t an option (yet) so when I saw Lamb Bacon at Catskill Merino farm stand I had to try some and boy are we glad I did!  My point here is simply that not only can you support farmers and make delicious meals from all the wonderful things you can buy at the market but you can also discover new and tasty foods you could never had imagined if you had just ordered in.

Happy Earth Day.


About urbanfoodguy

I'm a self taught cook with a dedication to buying and eating food that is as humanely and sustainably raised as possible. Which is why in addition to recipes you will see a lot of environmental/political reporting here. I started cooking when I was about 6, it's something I always loved to do. Watching Graham Kerr - aka "The Galloping Gourmet" - was what got me started and I have never really looked back. Over the years I've been a private chef, a caterer, and a food stylist for magazines such as Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Oprah, Martha Stewart's Everyday Food and many more. I've also worked in the prep kitchen for the Food Network on the Bobby Flay and Paula Deen shows. Now I work at home in my kitchen sharing with you here recipes that I create or that other people have created that inspire me and I think you will like. I love my neighborhood (the Lower East Side of Manhattan) and I love to travel. Because NYC is such a big place I tend to focus mostly on my 'hood and the ones that are close by: The East Village, Bowery, Chinatown and Williamsburg. My love of travel has no limits really, I'm always ready to get on a plane. I was lucky enough to have a business for many years that allowed me to spend a lot of time in South East Asia. These days I've been spending time in Mexico, Germany, Canada and the West Coast of the U.S., but check back you never know where I might end up. I do consulting, cooking classes, and freelance lifestyle writing so if you are interested please send me a note:
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