All You Animal Activists: F$^ck You

Horse-16-EPFQYQ9LI2-1600x1200So that headline isn’t mine, it’s what this insane guy says just before he shoots a horse in the head – because he wants to promote the eating of horse meat….the video is on You Tube, at the bottom of this post I have the link to it and to the full story on Grist.

For some reason I felt the need to comment on this. Um, where to start: Wow really you want to support the eating of horse meat by randomly slaughtering a horse because your angry at animal activists?  That is truly morally bankrupt, cruel and wrong-headed.  I mean, OK if you believe there is a case for eating horse meat then lay it out for us….but to just take a horse out and shoot it and to say: “all you animal activists: fuck you” – just makes it clear you have some serious mental illness issues and that you are not trying to do anything more than inappropriately express your anger at people by shooting an innocent horse.   Who from the looks of  it (given it was shoot in the middle of a dirt road) is not going to be butchered at all, but rather is just a sacrifice being made by a mad man who wants to say fuck you to animal activists.

Many cultures eat animals that we in this cultural find upsetting: Dogs in Vietnam and Horse in places like the Netherlands to mention a few.  I remember my mother returning from her second honeymoon where she had gone to Amsterdam and all she could talk about was how she was served horse meat.  In central Asia wild horses where hunted and killed for their meat.  It’s not an uncommon practice and the recent scandal around horse meat showing up in Ikea Meatballs and the like is more about labeling – people being fed something and told it was one thing when in fact it’s another.  Of course if it was labeled it would not, in this country at least, have broad appeal. For more on Horse and those who eat them check out this link, fascinating reading I thought.

Back to the crazy red neck in the video: I think this guy needs to be criminally charged and go to trial for this, in part because he seems dangerously violent, but also because I think he needs intense therapeutic intervention that he is unlikely to volunteer for on his own

I’m not going to post the video here, but it you are interested the full story with a link to the video is at Grist.

I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts so please leave comments.

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