Cooking with a Solar Oven

So when I saw this video and went to the Sun Oven website I was fantasizing about how perfect a Sun Oven would be if you had a beach house – you could put it out in the morning with your slow cooking stew or whatever it is you were making, not heat the house and have dinner ready with minimal fuss.

Of course people with beach houses is not a large enough demographic to sell solar ovens in perpetuity so when you go to their website it has a real survivalist tone, one that initially I find kind of off-putting because I conger up images of the Uni Bomber or paranoid conspiracy theory types living in the woods and cursing the far reach of the government.  Then of course I realize this would be perfect for lefty environmentalist and suburban families who like to cook.  Or people like me who one day fantasize about having a beach house!

What bothers me is the need to sell something with fear: emergency preparedness. But then I think: emergencies do happen and these days with more extreme weather conditions they happen more often.  I can imagine cooking with my solar oven on the roof of my building after the streets of Manhattan have been devastated by a giant tsunami. Well not really, but I can imagine putting it in the sands by the Atlantic Ocean outside of my Fire Island beach house and letting dinner cook in the sun while I do the same by the pool.

My only other thoughts on this are it would be nice if they could make a version with more environmentally safe products: no plastic, no fiberglass.  This of course is a small issues.   Mostly I just think how cool it would be to make things in a solar oven, kind of like an Easy Bake oven for adults.

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2 Responses to Cooking with a Solar Oven

  1. My favorite line: “Most people don’t do a lot of solar cooking at night.”

    And a lot of these alternative preparation/food storage folks appear to be survivalists. We got a food dehydrator and vacuum sealer (because too much canning was becoming burdensome), and some woman who did a series on YouTube about using them actually included Lyndon LaRouche in her credits.

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