Malt & Mold: Now Open

Malt & Mold is the second foodie destination in the building that sits on the South East corner of Clinton and East Broadway.  Hitherto the hinterlands of the Lower East Side, until last year when Dora now Pushcart Coffee opened and pushed the envelope as to how far east the trendy Lower East Side would go.  Apparently the old adage is true: if you build it they will come.

Malt & Mold is a beer and cheese shop with a focus on beer on  Growlers, they have 8 taps (not yet working they are still waiting on some paper work, but when I was in last Friday it seemed hopefully that they should be up and running maybe as soon as this weekend.  In addition to tap beer they have a selection of bottled beer, a finely curated  selection of domestic and international cheeses (the mold part of the name) and a small but nice collection of gourmet goodies which are mostly locally sourced (grab some awesome North Fork Potato Chips while you are getting some beer).

What a great addition to the neighborhood.  Fingers crossed that the empty corner space of this same building will continue the fabulous foodie trend of the rest of the building.

Oh and I also wanted to mention that the owners of Malt & Mold are a local couple, just another good reason to stop in and support this exciting new locally run local business,

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2 Responses to Malt & Mold: Now Open

  1. Hi, Thank you very much for the posting and the kind words! Taps are still not yet up. I’ll let you know when they come in…and more importantly, when we do our first free tasting. Cheers, Mgmt, Malt & Mold

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