Bitter Seeds: How Monsanto has Increased Farmer Suicides in India

Here is the trailer to Bitter Seeds, what looks to be a devastating and damning investigation into the state of farming in India since the introduction of GMO seeds.

One of the many things that are bad about GMO’s is that they prevent farmers from seed saving.  The ancient tradition of passing on seeds from one year to the next and from one generation to the next.    When you seed word “heritage” in front of something whether it be tomatoes or pork it means that particular breed or type of food has been preserved and passed on over decades.

So seeds, which used to be free and shared between farmers,  have now become the intellectual property of Monsanto et el since Justice Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court said it was OK for corporations to own nature.  One of the many devastating consquences of this is that seed sharing and seed sorting used to be a job, in each community someone would be the local seed guy or gal. Farmers who didn’t save their own seeds could buy them at a nominal price from seed savers. They could also get different kinds of seeds as these people would often save seeds from rare or different plants.

Now of course what has happened it has become corporate and every year you have to pay Monsanto a fee and you also have to buy their pesticides…watch the trailer to see how that is working out:

For more read this informative article in Grist.

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