Fake Food

Great podcast about the history of fake food from the folks over at Gastropod

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The Women of Achill Island

After a long hiatus I’m back newly dedicated to get back to a more regular blogging schedule.  Here is the latest film from The Perennial Plate:

On Achill Island, black faced sheep roam the seaside cliffs, foraging on seaweed and salt sprayed grass. The Calvey family (8 sisters, 2 brothers and the parents) tend to this wild flock, eventually selling this unique product as Achill Mountain Lamb. This short Perennial Plate film tells the story of the women of the island and their long standing history of perseverance on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Next up Salty Peanut layered Brownies!

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Supporting The Perennial Plate

As regular readers know I am a big supporter of the work Daniel and Mirra do at Perennial Plate.  I think I have posted almost every video they have ever made.

Given the times we live in they have felt the need to change direction for the summer, away from videos about food and sustainability to ones telling the stories of immigrants and refugees.

I always think it’s good to switch things up.

The idea of doing a targeted Facebook campaign is a unique (to me) idea and one way to try to get the “other side” to hear another view that may change their minds and, maybe, might even change how they vote (the cynic in my doubts this, but hey you don’t know unless you try!)  I for one am very excited about this new project and have donated.  I’d urge you to watch the Kickstarter video above and, if you feel as I did, help them to meet their goal.

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A Celebration of Ireland by the Perennial Plate

I’ve never really understood the fuss about St Patrick’s day. In New York City the St Patrick’s day parade is the largest parade of the year, the Gay pride parade is the second largest.  Since I can remember the organizers of the St Patrick’s day parade (the Ancient Order of Hibernians) has excluded LGBTQ people. This still to this day is causing them some trouble.  Besides not being a huge parade fan I find the idea of green beer kind of disgusting 😉 My point being that I think there should be some far better way of acknowledging and celebrating the contribution of the Irish to our City/Country than a big exclusionary blow out once a year.

Reading Colm Tóibín’s beautifully written tale of what one particular young Irish woman endured to emigrate to New York City in his book: Brooklyn makes the reader painfully aware of just how hard the journey was to get here from Ireland.  How hard it is to emigrate to another country that may, or may not, really want you. Or remember years later what you have endured to get here and how much you have contributed.

These latest videos from the Perennial Plate (who are spending some time in Ireland working for the tourism board) help remind us of the rich culture and beauty these immigrants left and what they brought to share with us in this new country they now call home.  And after watching these videos may reconsider their original choice and may decide to move back 😉

The first video is a love letter to the history, landscapes and food of Ireland.  The second one is a charming, sober interview with the last fisherman fishing in Howth, Dublin.

Watch them both you’ll be glad you did.

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Happy Pi Day: Chicken Pot Pie

Yesterday the city was on lock down due to the “big” snow storm.  The storm wasn’t any where near as monumental as the hype suggested it might be, but it did give me a great excuse to stay home and cook. Continue reading

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Burtown and the Barn

The latest installment from The Perennial Plate.  Makes me want to visit Ireland, it certainly doesn’t make me want to open a restaurant!    Looks amazing and so beautiful.

My new commitment for 2017 is to refocus on this here blog thingy and start giving you more content (which is to say mostly recipes!). Stayed tuned and thanks for hanging in there.


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Portrait of a Chef as a Young Woman

Love this new video from The Perennial Plate.  They are playing with style and content and this one is a real winner!  About a young chef in Dublin who does her own thing 😉


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