Key Lime Pie in a Home-made Graham Cracker Crust

IMG_7284IMG_7267Walking home the other day I noticed this basket of key limes sitting in front of one my favorite Vietnamese/Chinese produce stands on Grand street.  The sign made me smile.

Do they have Key Limes in Vietnam?

I bought a bunch, took them home and immediately got carried away doing research on Key Lime pie. Continue reading

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Happy Belated Earth Day

MO7iuWD This picture was taken in 2011 of Lake Oroville, which is about 3 hours drive from San Francisco. m1pB5XmThis is Lake Oroville last year, 2014.

Climate change and drought are the things that first came to mind this Earth Day.

The situation in California is very alarming and all over the news.

And California isn’t the only state in the country suffering from sever drought and water shortage.

Senator Inhofe brought a snowball into congress as proof that Climate change is not real – just one example of the exemplary leadership going on in Washington.


Some folks in Texas are dealing with devastating drought this way:

Somehow I think we can agree: there has to be a better way. Continue reading

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Poster in Front of a Lisbon Butcher

IMG_7239Is it just me or does it look like the cow is saying: WTF?

My friend Erin when she saw this said: Everything about this picture is wrong.

And, I think, kind of funny ;-)

The title translates as: The King of Cattle

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Noshing at the Mercado de Campo de Ourique in Lisbon

IMG_7198It seems only proper to start this post about Portugal, Portuguese food and a Portuguese Mercado with a picture of Sardines.  Small, medium or large? Of course it was a tie between Sardines and the even more ubiquitous (if that is possible) Bacalhau, but the Sardines are more photogenic ;-)

The day before I left Portugal I realized I had yet to go to a market.  I had tried to go in Porto, looked at the map saw that there was one just close to our hotel and headed off only to find it was no longer a market just a market building.

In Lisbon I had more luck.

Mercadao de Campo de Ourique is a small local market in a quiet part of town.   The thing that I loved most about it was how the market was as much about shopping for food as it was eating it.  In the center of the budding was a large sitting area surrounded by venders selling everything from seafood to steak to pasta and pastries.IMG_7225 It looks like the building has recently been renovated, with new awnings, new interior and fancy new signage. IMG_7169  IMG_7183Traditional seafood, grilled to order meats, sushi, gelato, a large choice of  beers both international and local plus so much more are on offer.  And if the crowd on this Saturday was any indiction, Continue reading

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VGEF Episode 9: New England

The last 5 days I have been in Portugal and to say it is distracting would be an understatement! And damn are they late night folks. I need to nap ;-)  I’ve been exploring the restaurants of Portugal’s star chef Jose Avillez and will have a full report soon.  In the mean time enjoy episode 9 of the Victory Garden Edible Feast.

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The Brandenburg Gate in Marzipan and Other German Food Fun

IMG_6795 When I first saw these Bradenburg Gates at the escalator of KaDeWe I thought: white chocolate? But of course this being Germany when I go closer I saw that, but of course: it was Marzipan.  Niedergger Marzipan, 50 kilos of the stuff (a little more than 100 pounds). IMG_6796IMG_6797If KaDeWe represents the high-end there is also lots at the other end, some of which I couldn’t help but giggle at:IMG_6843 (2) Lust auf Grillen it’s like German Texas! Continue reading

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VGEF Visits Vancouver

One of my favorite places on the planet.

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