How I Spent My Long Weekend

IMG_4336Sometimes I think I must be crazy.  The Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream (made with salted peanuts in the brownie) was really good.


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Long Weekend Food Funnies

All I can say is that these guys are easily amused.  What did that poor watermelon ever do to them? Skip to the 3 minute mark to start.

10538078_10202987320856415_9004376481773185297_nFor all you Ginsberg fans and then there is this which I believe was real, not someone’s idea of photoshop fun.



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Gazpacho: An Overview

IMG_4316Gazpacho is certainly my favorite cold soup.  If you look in your cook books or online you will find a zillion different recipes for it.  Most of which call for certain basic ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, bread, and sweet peppers.  One of the exceptions to this is Ottolenghi’s Green Gazpacho, which has no tomatoes in it at all.

Some cooks like Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger make things easier by using tomato juice as their base so you don’t have to deal with the de-seeding and tomato peeling that often is required in Gazapacho making.  Indeed most of the time Continue reading

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The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of The Pok Pok Thai Empire

When I first started to watch this I was expecting a 12 minutes video of the rise to fame of Andy Ricker, instead what I got was a fascinating hour long documentary about this man, his obsession with Thai food/Thai culture and how it all lead to opening up some of the best Thai restaurants in the United States.

I was in Portland around 2006-7 and ate at the original Pok Pok and loved it.

The first Pok Pok in NYC is literally around the corner from where I live. It started out being about wings and now it’s been re-conceptualized and is about noodles.  I’ve never eaten at his place in Brooklyn: Pok Pok NY and really now after watching this have to make it a priority.

One of the things that made me smile watching this was how apparently Andy and I were neighbors and both love the same hand pulled noodle place on East Broadway.  This video also answered the question I asked after coming upon essence of water bug at a Chinese grocery store a while back.

Mostly though I appreciate, envy, his focus, drive and desire to bring authentic Thai food to American.  I also admire, near the end of the film, where he talks about how it’s not his food, he is cooking Thai people’s food and is trying, and succeeding, at rendering it authentically and accurately. As someone who also fell in love with Thailand and used to go frequently when I had my import business I can really relate to Andy’s story.

Get a glass of wine, bring the bottle just in case you need a refill and spend the hour and watch this really insightful and inspiring documentary about how a farang (blond guy) from Portland became one of the best Thai chef’s in America.

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Deer Hunting And Urban Refugees in Scotland

I love Charlet (not that is not a typo) the reporter Munchies have for their Scotland series.  She’s really sincere and  real. I love that she prefaces her questions to the guy who moved from London to live on an estate with friends in the country if he ever worries about: being bored or going mad or becoming an alcoholic…

Which of course is what I think about when I think about going to the country for a weekend!

It makes for a very refreshing conversation.  Her deer hunting experience is also very real and oddly sweet (for a deer hunting scene).  Anyway, while you are watching this I’ll be working on the Gazpacho recipe for tomorrow.

It’s been a slow day I woke up with a cold and then had a root canal so the need to nap has trumped the need to blog.  At least temporarily ;-)



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The German Potato Salad I Make When Neil is Away

IMG_4258Some people might refer to this as German Potato Salad.  I like to call it: the condiment shelf salad, minus the mayo (although I never buy mayo so it’s never on my condiment shelf….) so, everything, but mayo condiment shelf potato salad?  Bit long?  For brevity’s sake lets just be old-fashioned and call it a variation of: German Potato Salad.

Growing up potato salad was more about mayonnaise, well actually in truth it wasn’t even mayonnaise it was Miracle WhipContinue reading

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This is what a more sustainable American food system looks like

This is what a more sustainable American food system looks like.

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