Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Patriotic Rendered Fat

Tip of the hat to regular reader Chris for posting this in the comments of yesterdays post about Grease Canisters.

This Disney cartoon from 1942 is a public service message about keeping rendered fat, which can be used in munitions.   Amazing both as a piece of history, but also from a factual point of view, how much rendered fat do we throw away each year? And who knew how useful it was?  I mean sure for making corn bread or duck confit, but bombs and bullets?

Learn something new every day ;-)


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Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea and Grease?

Growing up my grandmother and my mother both had kitchen canisters, you know that set of 4 that had written on the Flour, Sugar, Tea and Coffee?  Like this one:1829809My friend Michael and I helped our friend Jane do some heavy lifting and decorating at her Breezy Point beach house this past Sunday.

In the midst of moving furniture passing through the kitchen I noticed Jane has a set of these canisters, which I’ve always loved, when I looked closer at her set I noticed something kind of shocking:  instead of coffee or tea her smaller canister said grease? Really? Grease? I’d never seen this before. Continue reading

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Steak and Potatoes with a Side of Chimichurra

OMG this made me so hungry for a steak!  And in case you missed it check out my earlier post about cattle ranching in Argentina also feature a great video from The Perennial Plate.


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It’s Raining Food

For what ever reason I found this oddly transfixing. I suppose comes under the category of Food Performance Art?  It’s amazing to me how, out of context, food can really look disgusting.

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Coconut Pistachio Macaroon Cake with Chocolate Ganache

IMG_2742This cake is wheat/gluten free and dairy free so it is perfect the perfect solution for many situations and occasions.  Your gluten free friends will love you, your jewish friends will tell you it’s the best Passover dessert ever and dairy-phobes will love the coconut cream infused chocolate ganache.

Originally from a recipe by Francois Payard, who some of you may remember was the genius behind the amazing coconut pineapple tart Continue reading

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Fresh Horseradish from The Pickle Guys

IMG_2695Walking down Essex Street last Sunday I noticed a big crowd at The Pickle Guys.   This is the pickle go to place on the Lower East Side.  In addition to making a wide variety of kosher pickles they also make holiday horseradish for Passover.   Fresh horseradish has way more of a bite then the stuff you get in jars, but it never occurred to me that when making it in bulk you’d need to wear a gas mask ;-) IMG_2697IMG_2693Neil is traveling this year so for the first time in 28 years we are not doing passover.

I have to say that as much as I enjoying making passover lasagna for the Seder I don’t miss all the cleaning and tin foil and plastic bag covered cupboards.   Seeing the fresh horseradish didn’t actually give me a ting of regret that we weren’t celebrating this year and that I had no reason to buy a big jar of horseradish (I have 2 bottles in the fridge already and, lets face it, there is only so many Bloody Mary’s I can drink!)

If you aren’t going to be on the Lower East Side this Spring but are in need of some pickles or horseradish The Pickle Guys ship just pick up your phone and call: 1-888-4-Pickle.IMG_2692 IMG_2694

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Grass Fed Beef the Argentine Way

There is a beautiful stillness and simplicity to this episode.  The handsome young cattle rancher (farmer?) is articulate and straight forward.  After watching it you wonder why we would raise cows in any other way.

Once they start to carve the beef that has been slowly cooked by an open fire and place the thick fatty slabs in between simple white buns….well even if you don’t give a damn about sustainability and cattle farming this last few minutes of family and friends sitting around the fire and eating this amazing looking beef is well worth watching.

All I can think about now is where can I go for lunch that serves Argentine beef!

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